12th February 2007

The Planning Department are  recommending to extend the use of Trafalgar Dock as a waste dump. The matter goes to the Planning Committee on Tuesday 20th February 2007 commencing at 9:45 a.m., held in the Council Chamber, at the Town Hall, Dale Street, Liverpool 2, 

17th January 2007

Maro, the developers of Brunswick Quay Tower unfortunately are considering a bland, anywhere, scaled down proposal for the Brunswick Dock site. Ian Simpson, the world renowned architect, who reached the semi-finals of the World Trade Centre replacement in NY, said: ‘Maro is after someone to produce a much lower, non-iconic, lower-density scheme".

‘If Maro is after doing more of the same and is not particularly ambitious then I would not be particularly interested in being involved.’. He added, "I think it is a great loss for the city of Liverpool, cities which stay away from being bold risk ending up being very second rate and filled with dross."